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Why choose Ivím

Elevated healthcare standards

Our membership model transcends traditional healthcare approaches, raising the bar for quality and personalized care.

Mutual commitment

Membership signifies a two-way commitment—ours to deliver unparalleled health services, and yours to actively engage in your health journey.

Tailored health experience

We provide a healthcare experience that's personalized, focusing on individual needs and outcomes for better results.

Community of care

By becoming a member, you join a community committed to achieving the best possible health outcomes, together.

Membership unlocks our comprehensive, personalized telehealth services

1, 2 14.9-20.9%

Average weight loss with
Ivím GLP-1 programs

3 20%

Reduction in Major Adverse
Cardiovascular Events (MACE)

4 1-1.7%

Average reduction
of A1C in percentage points

1 - 14.9% based on weekly semaglutide trials,
2 - 20.9% based on weekly tirzepatide trials
3 - 20% reduction based on MACE study
4 - 1-1.7% percentage point reduction in A1C study

What's included?

Premium, personalized healthcare for just $74.99/month—the unmatched quality and pricing you deserve.

Unlimited 1:1 provider consults

Forget expensive doctor visits. Our membership covers all your consultations, at no extra cost.

Online Community

Share, learn, and grow with others on similar health journeys. You're never alone with Ivim.

Customizable & expert care

Your care team—physicians, nurses, nutritionists, and health coaches—there supporting your every step.

Expedited refills

Quick refill processing means you never skip a beat on your wellness path.

Mobile health app

Track progress, manage goals, and connect with providers, all through the Ivim mobile app.

Functional nutrition & health coaching

Personalized nutrition plans and health coaching that adapts to your unique health needs.

Real members,
real results*

*Personal results may vary based on our individualized health programs.