What is Ivím?

How it Works

Step 1


Complete your registration to get started and begin your journey with Ivím. Registering will give you access to our Ivím patient portal where you can view your appointments, recent orders, and modify your subscription.

Complete one of our quizzes based on your interest with Ivím. Our weight loss quiz will qualify you for coverage and make sure we have the information we need to move forward with a provider licensed in your area.

Step 2

Join Ivím

Membership includes video appointments with Ivím providers, medication through our accessibility programs, a diet/nutrition plan, supplement and progress tracking all for $74.99/month.

Step 3

Schedule Your Visit

After you complete your quiz and sign up for membership, you will be able to schedule with one of our licensed providers via telehealth video visit. Our process quickly walks you through scheduling and our providers have a wide range of availability to fit your schedule. Need to reschedule or worried you will forget? Don't worry! We will remind you via text and email every step of the way.

For our weight loss patients, if you meet certain criteria we may be able to submit a prior authorization to have your medications covered by insurance. Our registration process will direct you to complete this step if you meet the minimum insurance requirements. Not eligible for insurance? No worries! 98% of Ivím patients are eligible for accessibility programs, saving thousands in out-of-pocket costs.

Step 4

See Your Provider

You will be sent a direct link to your appointment about 10 minutes before it begins. Please arrive on time. If you are early, you will be placed in a virtual waiting room until your provider is ready. Your provider will verify your information and ask you some additional health questions. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. Your provider is excited to help you start your Ivím journey.

Your provider will review the visit with you and process your order. If you are approved for insurance coverage, your provider will send your prescription to your pharmacy of choice. If you are purchasing through Ivím's accessibility programs, your provider will send an invoice to you directly. Once the invoice is paid your order will be processed and shipped within 7-14 days.

Step 5

Begin Your Journey

After your visit, you will be sent a link to download the Ivím health app from the App or Play Store. The app will provide all the guidance you need to be successful with your plan.

If you joined Ivím's accessibility program, you should receive your order to your home typically within 7-14 days although processing times may vary. Once you receive your order, open the Ivím Health app and make sure your plan start date matches the day you intend to start your medication.

Finally, once you have completed your plan, come back to your patient portal to schedule your follow-up visit to review your progress. If you opted for a product subscription then your subscription renewal will automatically create a follow-up appointment for you and an Ivím provider will reach out to you directly.

For commonly asked questions, please visit our FAQ page.  Injection instructions can be found here 

 If you need to reach an IVíM provider, simply log in through the provided onboarding process and create a new appointment or call our clinic directly.